Our Policy

AS200753 practices an open peering policy which means that we peer with everyone who wants to peer with us. We do not require any kind of written contract, but assume that you can agree to the following rules:

  • Peerings may only send traffic from their own networks and downstreams to us, please do not give others (partial) transit without asking for permission.
  • Peerings must operate a Network Control Center (NCC) which can be contacted by email.
  • Peerings must be registered at any well known IRR and shall keep all registry data up to date.
  • Peerings shall cooperate in any case of network abuse, e.g. filtering DoS attacks.
  • Peerings shall enforce a strict routing policy by using filters for their downstreams.
  • Peerings shall aggregate their routes as much as possible to avoid inflating the routing tables.

Please also note the following preferences and technical information:

  • Prefixes shorter than a /24 (IPv4) or /48 (IPv6) will be filtered.
  • Prefixes with private or other invalid ASNs in AS_PATH will be filtered.
  • Please use MD5 authentication whenever it is possible for additional security.
  • An individual prefix limit will be set for all peerings. The session will automatically recover one minute after you stopped exceeding your prefix limit.

AS Sets

You may use the following two AS sets to include our own ASNs and/or customer ASNs for both IPv4 and IPv6:


Local Preference

We automatically set the following local preference values at our routers, unless overriden by customers with an action community (see BGP communities for further information):

Description Preference
Route learned from transit 100
Route learned from IXP 200
Route learned from customer 300

BGP Communities

We are using our secondary ASN AS48550 for all BGP communities to simplify and standardize our routing infrastructure. Please note that we accept some action communities only for our customers. Routes with bogus communities are being rejected by our filters.

48550:10XX - Routes learned from transits
48550:1000 Routes learned from any transit
48550:1001 Meerfarbig GmbH & Co. KG (AS34549)
48550:1002 Hurricane Electric, Inc. (AS6939)
48550:1003 Choopa, LLC (AS20473)
48550:20XX - Routes learned from IXPs
48550:2000 Routes learned from any IXP
48550:2001 KleyReX (Frankfurt, Germany)
48550:30XX - Routes learned from customers
48550:3000 Routes learned from any customer
48550:3001 Full Downstream Customer
48550:3002 Partial Downstream Customer
48550:40XX - Route Origins
48550:4000 All announced routes from AS200753
48550:4001 Frankfurt, Germany
48550:4002 Paris, France
48550:4003 Amsterdam, Netherlands
48550:4004 London, Great Britain
48550:4005 Miami, United States
48550:4006 Seattle, United States
48550:4007 Basel, Switzerland
48550:5XXXX - Action Communities
48550:510XX Do not announce to transit XX
48550:511XX Prepend once for transit XX
48550:512XX Prepend twice for transit XX
48550:513XX Prepend thrice for transit XX
48550:520XX Do not announce to internet exchange point XX
48550:521XX Prepend once for internet exchange point XX
48550:522XX Prepend twice for internet exchange point XX
48550:523XX Prepend thrice for internet exchange point XX
48550:59801 [Customer] Lower local-pref to 199 (prefer IXP routing)
48550:59802 [Customer] Lower local-pref to 99 (prefer transit routing)
48550:59999 [Customer] Blackhole route